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Gun Dog Foundations

This program will produce your “basic” gun dog. One that will sit steadily in the blind and watch quietly as the birds fall in to your blocks. When you put two green-heads on the water he will readily pick up both and be back in his box wanting more. He will be steady to shot, heel off lead, stay until asked to move, recall back to you side eager to perform your next order. He will be a sporting companion dog.

He is also your everyday dog, one that you will be proud to own. He can hang out with the kids or go jogging with the wife and when you finally find time to hunt he will be right there by your side staring skyward listening for whistling wings.

Our “Gun Dog Basic” program is a 4 month program which covers:

  • Basic commands (sit, stay, here, heel and down) all off lead
  • Whistle training
  • Marking & retrieving
  • Hold work
  • Introduction to gun fire
  • Boats
  • Water stands
  • Blind Entry and Exits
  • Cold Game
  • Fresh Birds

All dogs entering into this program must be at least 4 months of age or older. Our goal for this program is to produce a bragging quality sporting companion dog.

Cost: $750.00/Month - Food, board and turnouts included.