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Gun Dog Mastery

Our Gun Dog Mastery Program builds on what is taught in our foundation level program. Those being sit, stay, here, heel, down and the entry level retriever work. These five commands are what we call your basic commands. Every dog will need them to have them to a learned response level (a correct response is given 80% of the time) We progress quickly through this stage usually within the first month or two of training.

We then begin to teach all of our retriever work. Marks, memory marks, introductions, etc.. This will normally take us another two to three months. It is at the five to six month mark that we begin to focus on handling the dog. Handling is a way of teaching the dog to follow our instructions at a distance whether it is to move off a dead bird for a cripple or to retriever a unseen downed bird. These commands includes all the basics of handling your pup (overs and backs), we will transition from the training yard to real world scenarios first teaching pattern blinds, then diversions with pattern blinds finally we will teach cold blinds, water blinds, multiple blinds, and lots of singles-triples off multiple guns.

These dogs are trained better than most other hunting dogs you have hunted over. They are steady in the blind, mature enough to handle the job at hand and perform this job with some degree of proficiency. Great thing come to those who wait. We can’t train this into your dogs mind in a month or three or even five. If you want a true sporting companion dog then you have come to the right place. We will train your dog with the expertise you would expect to find from an Orvis endorsed trainer.

Cost: 900.00/Month (6-8 month program)