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Puppy Head Start

You finally gave into your family's wishes and bought a new Lab puppy. What's next? The first few months of your puppy's life will set the tone for its work ethic, drive and all-around hunting ability. This period of time is crucial to your dog's development as a skilled hunting partner.

Give your dog the foundation it deserves. Set them up for success with Flyway Lab's Puppy Head Start Program.

Gun Dog Foundations

You have dreamed of a dog that will sit patiently, quietly by your side. Eagerly scanning the skies for a glimpse of those whistling wings. Guns are raised, reports are heard; he waits poised, every muscle tense with anticipation, waiting for that whisper that will set him free.

This doesn’t have to be a dream anymore make this your reality. Get a solid foundation on your dog.

Gun Dog Mastery

You want the most out of your hunting companion. You’ve researched the best breeding, picked the best dog out of the litter. Now you are ready to put in the time and money to make your investment pay dividends.

The Gun Dog Mastery Program is the next level of training for you hunting companion. Here your dog will learn the important skills of hand signals, blind retrieves and more!

Gun Dog Legacy

We all have hunted over that dog that everyone admires. They are respectful to the blind, the wait patiently to released on a downed bird, take complicated directions with ease. They are the epitome of a gentleman's gun dog. They are to dog you are proud to own.  The are the type of dog that if possible you would pass on to your children’s children.