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Puppy Head Start

You went out and bought your self a wee-pup. Now what? You can be guaranteed that he is gonna have accidents in the house, that your ten thousand dollar leather sofa will become his new chew toy and more than one sleepless night is in your future. Stop the madness before it begins, get him started in our Puppy Head Start program today.

The first few weeks of a puppies life are critical to his later development and socialization skills. I’m sure you paid big money for this pup, don’t leave his future to chance get him started the right way... they Flyway!

This is course is developed for pups 8 weeks to 18 weeks of age. Our goal throughout this program is to teach your pup the skills it will need for the rest of his life.

Some of the skills we teach are:

  • Basic obedience (sit, stay, here, heel, down)
  • Introduction to water
  • Introduction to birds
  • Retrieving games
  • Calmness and steadiness in a high distraction environment
  • Unsteady footing on a variety of surfaces and heights
  • Introduction to boats, ramps, and water blinds
  • Groups and crowds of people
  • House/Kennel Training

Our goal with this program is to give your new pup a better chance at being a stable member of your family. With proper socialization and introduction to his life skills, we will make your puppy an obedient, confident sporting companion dog.

Course timeline 2 months. Cost: $650 per month. Food, board and turnouts included.