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Ryan Gingerich

Ryan Gingerich, founder of Flyway Labs, has been training dogs for over two decades.  As a long time student of animal behavior, Ryan’s program creates solid performing retrievers through consistent repetition, reinforcement and learning theory.  Ryan uses no force or intimidation to train.  Instead he uses the latest techniques in learning theory coupled with solid principles from the British school of training.

Ryan is also well known within the confines of the horse industry.  Known as “The Behaviorist”, his no nonsense, abuse free way of training horses has always transferred to his dogs. Training a retriever is no different that training a performance horse or rehabbing a problem horse. “Your success boils down to clear and concise cues.  I’ve always said, it takes three things to be successful in any endeavor; a positive attitude, a concise plan of action, and consistency.  Strive for those and the rest will be easy.”

“My methods for training horses differ little from the methods I use for training dogs.  It is built into stages. 20+ years of rehabilitating the worst horses in the country taught me a lot.  Repetition is important, to instill a learned response and consistency produces repeatable results, but the keystone to any program is patience.  Without these simple principles you will not produce quality dogs, and will be forced to resort to harsh, inhumane tactics to get results.  I strive to train with as little pressure possible. In quality retrievers, their desire to preform and please is innate.  They WANT to be retrievers.  As a trainer, it’s my job to nurture this drive and create the ultimate retriever the Legacy do we all strive for.”

A published author, Ryan penned a best-selling book called “Beyond a Whisper, Training Horses with a New Language.”

He also produced and hosted an award winning television show called “The Behaviorist,” which was viewed by millions across the United States and Internationally. Ryan is a sought after speaker, having presented at every major horse event in the United States and Canada.

As a true outdoorsman, Ryan’s professional love of retrievers spills over into his free time. He is an obsessive waterfowler, spending every day of the season chasing ducks, geese, and passionately working with his dogs. He also guides for Gateway Outfitters &  DeClues River Bottom Farms in north central Missouri and often brings both personal and client dogs for some priceless live-action training time during the season. From Eiders in Maine to Harlequins in Washington State, his love for waterfowling has taken him all across this country.

Ryan is an avid goose hunter, spending several weeks each year chasing geese. However, the mighty green-headed mallards of Missouri will always hold a special place in his heart. “There is nothing like a cold morning, cup of coffee, greenheads cupped in the sky and a good dog by your side.  Makes me smile just thinking about it” says Ryan.